Meet the Band

Groove Principle is a new band with some familiar faces, and brings together the talents of good friends who have spent many years playing music in Central Florida.

Keyboard player and singer Alexia Scavone-Carr is well known for powerful vocal delivery and top-notch playing skills. Considered one of the top female vocalist in Central Florida, Alexia is no stranger to the main stage. She has competed in the X Factor in Miami as well as The Voice in Orlando. Her previous bands were Carbon Copy and Ground Zero. She is excited to be a founding member of Groove Principle.
Bassist and singer Tom Carr is happy to be playing music with his favorite Central Florida musicians as a member of Groove Principle. Tom has spent many years on the music scene and has played with several bands, including Fat Daddy, 4Play and Blue Earth. 

Drummer Steve Jasikiewicz is a veteran of local bands Neon Blue, South’n Comfort, and 4Play and has probably played in every club in the area over the years. Also known as a ‘booking machine’ Steve is looking forward to hitting the road and bringing Groove Principle to many new venues in 2014 and beyond.

​Lead Guitarist and Vocalist Stephen Ramsdell is the newest addition to the band and has been singing since he could talk. When he was about 15 he heard Zeppelin's Livin' Lovin' Maid. That was the day he decided that he wanted to play guitar and he never looked back. Although he appreciates all styles of music, in his heart he is a rocker. If it's melodic with strong vocals, chances are he'll know it.

Alexia Scavone-Carr – Keyboards/Vocals 
Thomas Carr – Bass Guitar/Lead Guitar/Vocals 
Stephen Ramsdell - Lead Guitar/Bass Guitar/Vocals 

Steve Jasikiewicz – Drums